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Quick Books to Tally Integration



QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit – USA, provides both Web (online)and Desktop based accounting applications for small and medium businesses

The growing popularity and simple to use Tally software has been conquering various geographies and is attracting wide segments of business users from migrating to Tally from their already existing systems. One such segment is QuickBooks , where Users are migrating to Tally in huge numbers.



Tally.ERP9 is the one of the leading accounting package provider from India. Tally products are transforming businesses across industry in over 94 countries. Today, more than 2 million business users benefit from its product philosophy... the 'Power of Simplicity'.

Sample - Export Accounting Masters from Quick Books

Then exported master excel sheet format should be made to below format

NB: Please change the grouping accordingly for customer and suppliers.

Export Transactions

From the Menu bar, click on Reports, then on Custom Reports and select Transaction Details as shown from the  below screen, below screen will be presented  to the User to select select the period from and To date

Select  “Transaction Type” from Choose Filter Tab  and then select “Transaction Type” from “TransactionType” drop down as shown in the below screen and click on OK button

Data will be exported to excel in the below format and should look similar, which the User can save it to desired location.

Import of Data

From Gateway of Tally, press F12 button and navigate to General configuration screen and set Ignore Error & Continue during data Import = Yes


Open Vch_eTally.exe, import tool used to import data from the excel sheet


If the User is needs to import Masters exported from QuickBooks,  then select the “Master” radio button as highlighted in Green in below screen.



If User is trying to import Transactions exported from QuickBooks, then  select the “Transaction” radio button as highlighted in Red in above screen.


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