Two decades of service to Tally Customers 45 Man Years of Tally Expertise !

Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Vietnam Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Namibia, Nigeria, Cameroon Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Ghana, Mauritius, UK, India


Our company's 15 Years of contribution to Tally Product, with the help of our dedicated resources and with the support of the principal company, Tally Solutions, our company has been instrumental in waking up several countries and immensely contributed to the Tally license sales which on it own creates a Tally Community. Our unique approach of empowering the locales in their respective country has also augured well for such contribution.

With EESTPL, clients are assured of innovative product solutions - that combines enhanced productivity with the trademark of Tally - Power of Simplicity.


EESTPL works with organisations across various segments to provide solutions & services in Tally to meet their business requirements.

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Saturnalia UK Limited - UK
Nis Trading Co - Mauritius
Chantier Ramtoola Ltd - Mauritius
Westgate Shopping Mall - Kenya
Rahimtulla Towers - Kenya
Sarit Centre - Kenya
Razco Limited - Kenya
Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery Limited - Kenya
Sumaria Group - Tanzania
Tender Solutions - Singapore
Kundan Electornics - India
International School of London - Qatar
Arcaya Distribution Pty Ltd - Australia

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Two decades of rich experience with Tally. Having created a largest solutions factory, we have always been giving our best to our clients, but our real time mantra has been 'Perfection' - Yes, perfection is the name of the game

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